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turn gratitude into action

#bigthanks is about sharing practical tips, opportunities and uplifting stories of expressions of gratitude that can be done safely and productively during this crisis. We hope by doing so, we equip people to take even more action.

The COVID pandemic is affecting communities across the globe. Here in Seattle Washington, people are taking practical action within the current social distancing constraints to support first responders, teachers, staff at elder care facilities, delivery people, laid off food service workers, neighbors and more.

Lots of people want to help. But how do we best do that given the ever-changing public health guidance about avoiding large gatherings, etc.? What can be done if you're shut-in, or of various abilities or means?

We want to make it easy to get involved, scaled to just your desired level of involvement. Have money to donate? Great! We want to give you some ideas that caught our eye. Have time to organize a meal delivery? Great! We’d like to matchmake you with a group in need and share some tips about how not to introduce more risk or complexity (we shouldn’t be re-learning these all over the country.) Are you a teen or younger? Great! There are lots of ways you can get involved and do something constructive to help. We’ll be sharing all those ideas here.

Join in, and share your ideas, needs and stories! We’re entirely volunteer and non-profit. We simply want to amplify your story, celebrate with you, and share easy tips, so more of it happens with ease.

Please tag your story or COVID-related donation request with #bigthanks on social media and we’ll do what we can to get the word out.