A few story ideas are coming into #bigthanks that we’d love to be able to tell, but we just don’t have enough time.

Are you a writer familiar with WordPress? We’d love to have you contribute a story or two. Please jot us a note at bigthanksorg [at] gmail.com. Send us a link to thing(s) you’ve written.

By “writer,” we mean someone who writes well, and is interested in discovering, researching and sharing ways people can help. You don’t have to have a long list of publishing credentials. Familiarity with WordPress is a must, social media expertise a strong plus, and ideally you’ve got a keen eye for clean photos/visuals, too. If you’ve worked with Slack, so much the better! Even if you’ve only got time for only one article a week, that’s terrific. Work scales to your availability and of course can be done from home.

Currently we are focused on the Puget Sound area, but we’ll likely be looking for writers elsewhere as well.

This is a non-profit volunteer gig — we’re all volunteers here, donating our time and occasional dollars (though that’s not required.) But you might get a nice t-shirt out of it, and you’d definitely be doing something important, inspiring others to help out and giving them the links and resources to make their lives easier. Thanks!


I've lived in Seattle since 1991, and held jobs at Microsoft, Expedia and my own few startups. I've taught a class on innovation at the UW Foster School of Business. I love Seattle and the greater Puget Sound region. I've got a wife, three kids and a dog, who, other than me, is by far the most difficult member of the household.

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