Your community needs your support now more than ever.

Looking for ways to help out, big or small? We’re collecting a list of various drives and opportunities for you to browse and consider. There are numerous ways to help support your community. There are first responder organizations, small businesses and their employees who hit very hard by the virus, low income communities who are disproportionately impacted, and many more.

Most of those listed on the thread which accompanies this post (look to the very bottom of the screen) are likely to be tax-deductible, but double-check with a tax professional if you’re in doubt. Things like buying gift cards for cash-strapped service providers (which we do strongly recommend as a great #bigthanks action!) are generally not tax deductible.

Guidelines for Adding Your Own Drives

Those of you organizing the fundraisers who’d like to raise awareness in this list:

Feel free to add your funding drive to the community message board topic. Please compose 1-3 paragraphs that clearly state the following:

WHO is it for
WHERE is it targeted (regions)
WHAT is the raise request
WHY does it help
HOW are results measured
WHERE is the link to donate

… and please explain whether you’re non-profit/volunteer or not.

We are restricting this to COVID-19 related drive requests for now. Thank you.

CONSUMER CAVEAT: Beware also of COVID-related scams, which unfortunately always accompany any crisis. In general, I do not ever respond to telephone donation solicitations out of the blue, and if in any doubt, checks with organizations like the Better Business Bureau or Guidestar or the like can help. We at #bigthanks do not have time to vet these funding drives, but reserve the right to delete/moderate the list associated with this post.


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