When it comes to delivered food, I often first think of pizza.

But with the current COVID crisis, I’m learning heartbreaking stories of the devastating decline in revenue of Asian restaurants in particular. Many restaurants that were once doing $4000+ per week are bringing in $100 or less. If they lose that kind of revenue and have an inflexible landlord, they’re likely shutting down, never to come back.

Action: Order Takeout. Seriously.

You can do something positive about it the next time you’re in the mood for takeout. And you’ll love it.

Here’s a great crowd-sourced spreadsheet with all the wonderful Seattle International District and also minority-owned restaurants which have takeout and delivery; some of them have quickly retooled from dine-in to take-out and are looking for business. Most of them offer delivery via UberEats, Caviar or other delivery options.

Which restaurants offer takeout? To help you out, great people in the “Support the ID” group on Facebook compiled a handy spreadsheet of restaurants currently offering takeout.

You can find it here; click on the tab at the bottom for your desired neighborhood:

Take-out Restaurants in ID

This list being updated all the time, and is current as of mid-March 2020. How about Chinese food tonight? You’ll be greatly helping a business in need.

There are some restaurants whose revenue has plummeted from $4,000+ per week to just $80 per week. Please support them by making some orders!

Related resource, not specific to the International District: Seattle-area Restaurants Offering Takeout (Map)

From A Restauranteur

re-shared with permission, from “Support the Int’l District” Facebook Group. Please keep in mind that his story is similar to almost every ID restaurant, so don’t just order from him, but do order from him:

I am incredibly moved and in almost tears as I write this message to the members of this community Facebook group.

I want to thank everyone in this group for their support of the asian community in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. This whole ordeal has pretty much utterly destroyed the international District. More and more shops are closing until further notice each day. It is looking more grim each day as perceptions change about our community in the ID.

For the past 17 years my father has ran Jade Garden located in the international district Chinatown and for the past 5 years some of you might have seen me around the restaurant helping out.

To cut to the chase, plain and simple. We are STRUGGLING...with everything that has gone on. We’ve lost almost 80% of our business..and many other shops around us are suffering as well.

A friend recently showed me this Facebook group that I was unaware of. I am so moved and so grateful for everyone’s support through this time of crisis. I was so unaware that our community is coming together to help support us. For the past month and half everyone has been feeling hopeless. A sense of just “when will it be our turn to closedown”. After stumbling upon this group there is a dim light of hope.

Enough being sad. The real reason for me to write this message was to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who is in this group that’s out there supporting our community. It means so much to our mom and pop shops.

Much love to everyone in this group!!!
Thank you everyone !!!!!
Jade Garden


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