A major private philanthropic initiative, AllInSeattle was launched today. They’re raising funds for some of the most impactful and effective charities in the community; it’s a great way to ensure your dollars go to good use in sustaining and rebuilding the community.

From AllInSeattle:

We’re a coalition of concerned and motivated community members who, like you, want to help our neighbors through the COVID-19 pandemic. A couple of us who have partnered together over the years, started talking a week ago about how we and others can help our community during these dire circumstances. We love this city and its people. Our strength as a community, a city, and a nation, has always been driven by our compassion for each other. Which is why we moved quickly to identify local organizations who are already on the ground and are deploying resources quickly to help our neighbors.

The need in our region will be staggering. We want to act as a catalyst to get everyone in the community who has the ability, to donate. And donate quickly. What we are announcing today is just the beginning. Anyone who can give, needs to give. It will take each of us giving to support those in our neighborhoods who will be impacted.

Join us. Be All In for Seattle.


Drop by their website to learn more!

[ Disclosure — you’ll see my wife and me listed as one of many inaugural donors. ]


I've lived in Seattle since 1991, and held jobs at Microsoft, Expedia and my own few startups. I've taught a class on innovation at the UW Foster School of Business. I love Seattle and the greater Puget Sound region. I've got a wife, three kids and a dog, who, other than me, is by far the most difficult member of the household.

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