If you have the means and have not done so already, go order some takeout. In the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, it’s a great way to:

  • Reduce the stress involved with preparing another meal
  • Break up the monotony of your daily routine
  • Introduce some small sense of normalcy to everyday life
  • And perhaps most of all, support your community — the restaurants and small businesses that are struggling

You may have already seen our takeout roundups for Seattle and the International District, as well as Pike Place Market vendors.

There are a lot of you — and a lot of great restaurants — in Tacoma and Pierce County that deserve your dollar, too. And there’s no shortage of ways to track down the spot your want to support.

Use This Map To Find Something Close To You:

Follow this link for the map — it’s being updated all the time

Or Perhaps You’d Prefer A List—Including Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free.

This evolving Google Sheet has everything you need. (Note the two tabs at the bottom. The second one has kids-eat-free options.)

Want A List Sorted By Cuisine?

The News Tribune has you covered.

This Is The One Time Ordering Takeout Isn’t A Splurge.

Again, if you can afford it, ordering takeout is a terrific way to support your community right now.

As News Tribune reporter Kirstine Sherred wrote, “Small businesses rely on community support on good days. Now, they need you more than ever. And heck, you probably need them, too.”

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