Seattle-native and Tulane University senior Sophie Cohen is making some really nice and comfy-looking tie-dye hoodie sweatshirts, and she’s donating $10 for every order to the #bigthanks Gratitude Meals project. You can see her Instagram account at @stylewithsoco, and order via the button below.

She writes:

Sophie’s already sold enough to donate $900 to Gratitude Meals! If you’d like to order, here’s the Google Form:

Order a Hoodie

A #bigthanks to you for all you’re doing, Sophie, and be well!


I've lived in Seattle since 1991, and held jobs at Microsoft, Expedia and my own few startups. I've taught a class on innovation at the UW Foster School of Business. I love Seattle and the greater Puget Sound region. I've got a wife, three kids and a dog, who, other than me, is by far the most difficult member of the household.

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