Do you have a wifi-capable laptop, notebook or tablet that you’re no longer using?

Consider getting in touch with Seattle resident Adam Tratt, whose family is gathering and distributing laptops to schoolkids in need.

I reached out to Adam (a good friend), who tells me it all began earlier this week with this story in the Seattle Times: “Confusion and Uncertainty on First Day of Mandated Remote Learning for Washington Stchool Districts.” He reached out to Jennifer Trice who was quoted in the article, and was able to fix her group up with Windows 7 laptops, a couple of older iPads and even some iPhone 5’s that were sitting in a drawer.

“She and her kids were ecstatic,” Adam says.

Specifics: The need is for Windows 7 laptops/tablets or later and/or Macbooks that are 2013 or later. They need networking capability — wifi, ideally. Devices need to work safely and have power supplies. Please physically clean them off and remove all personal data. (If you do not know how to wipe the drive, here is a good thread on how for Windows and how for iPads/iPhones and how for Mac OSX.)

And then, get in touch with Adam via email to arrange drop-off or pickup.


I've lived in Seattle since 1991, and held jobs at Microsoft, Expedia and my own few startups. I've taught a class on innovation at the UW Foster School of Business. I love Seattle and the greater Puget Sound region. I've got a wife, three kids and a dog, who, other than me, is by far the most difficult member of the household.

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