#bigthanks is about productive gratitude.

What does that mean? It means taking smart action that can help those in need, help the helpers, and help yourself.

We want to first, do no harm. So this site is a place where we share and promote some great actions which do not get in the way, and generally do not violate varying guidelines.

Lots of people want to help. But a lot of people might need a memory-jogger of how they can. We hope to share and amplify your ideas and stories, and connect those who need help with those who are willing and able to give it. We want to celebrate the many who are helping — both during this crisis and when it ends.

Please use the hashtag #bigthanks in social media, and we’ll try to help amplify everyone’s best ideas of productive gratitude, and we hope inspire a few more people along the way to do the same.

Michelle, Molly, Kristy and Steve
March 17, 2020